In my consultancy, I have worked with a number of prominent nonprofit organizations to facilitate change. 


Northwest Health Foundation

At Northwest Health Foundation, I was hired to facilitate relationships among their Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Communities Cohort (HBHC) of 10 non-profits representing many of our state’s most vulnerable communities. HBHC is a regional initiative, designed to help determine meaningful measures for building powerful children and families. I was included in all major gatherings of 2016 to help vision and strengthen the cohort and individual relationships. 



National Policy Consensus Center and Oregon Solutions

I also served as a development and project manager at the National Policy Consensus Center, where I was engaged in a collaborative project on ecological impacts and opportunities for Eastern Oregon to bring Western Red Juniper production to scale, a project that has the potential to create jobs and a lasting economy in vulnerable communities. The National Policy Consensus Center uses a collaborative model of governance to gather leaders across sectors (non-profit, business and government) and help them solve profound community challenges.



Portland Underground Graduate School

My current work with the Portland Underground Graduate School (PUGS) is all about curriculum design, equity, inclusion, and redressing white fragility as it plays out within structural inequity. PUGS’ mission states that education is a human right, and that learning should be accessible and affordable to all. They are committed to create more diverse classrooms and communities, and I have been instrumental in that effort as one of their best instructors, as measured by sell out classrooms and nearly perfect evaluations.

American Leadership Forum

My years as an American Leadership Fellow, Evaluator, and Faculty teach me the importance of working with communities across the state of Oregon, across different thought models and with people from all walks of life to achieve something good for our state. They also put me up close and personal with how issues of power and privilege play out even among the closest of allies. While at the American Leadership Forum of Oregon, I facilitated and trained five ALF cohorts, and was instrumental in creating a curriculum re-design in response to evaluation that has led to a deeper engagement in our equity and inclusion practices, across our leadership. I am currently working with ALF Tacoma to introduce them to the concepts and practice of Human Systems Dynamic and systems theory.