I will work with you to tailor a workshop to your needs.

A respected and popular trainer, I’ve presented workshops and seminars on white fragility and privilege, building alliances across difference, and mind/body practice for leaders. I am known and appreciated for my deep reflective skills and warm, intelligent presence.

Current work includes such workshops as:

• Collaborative Leadership

• The Problem with Privilege 101

• The Problem with Privilege 201

• White Fragility: What You Can Do 

• Dialogue and the Art Talking Across Difference

• Body and Mind Methods for Stronger Systems

• Dialogue and Talking Across Difference

• How to Ally with Urban Native Americans

• Decolonizing the Mind

• Mindful Leadership 

• Trancepoetics

• Leadership and Trauma 

• Native Americans 101

• Human Systems Dynamic – Complex System Practice for Leaders of All Levels